Frequently Asked Questions

What is Island Sky Residence Club?
Island Sky Residence Club offers equity-based, deeded fractional ownership in two exquisite home designs: one-bedroom and two-bedroom condominiums. Each residence features stunning contemporary architecture and comes fully furnished and accessorized. The spacious homes boast gourmet kitchens and inviting outdoor balconies, with full access to a rooftop pool and lounge, providing sweeping sunset views over neighboring St. Thomas. With 10 ownership shares per residence, each owner will appreciate and enjoy frequent and flexible use of their elegant home throughout the year. The Residence Club staff ensures your vacations are worry-free and hassle-free, with fully stocked homes ready for your arrival.
Do Residence Club buyers own real estate?

Yes. Ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed.  Depending on the type of ownership selected, each owner is conveyed a 1/10th, debt-free, undivided deeded interest in one of the Residence Club’s fully furnished condominiums.

Is Island Sky Residence Club a timeshare development?

No.  Timeshare is the right to use only a specific week or a certain number of points. Although appropriate for a segment of the market, timeshare is essentially the pre-purchase of vacations with little or no residual value. Residence Club owners receive deeded real estate ownership and have access to all club residences within their residence category with the right to use anytime, subject to the reservation policies.

Can more than one family or individual share a single ownership?

Yes.  Individuals can form legal entities to control an ownership.  It will be up to the joint owners to allocate lodging for that ownership in compliance with the Club’s reservations policies.

Have Residence Clubs been developed in other prestigious destinations?

Yes. Residence club ownership was introduced more than 30 years ago at top-rated Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah. Since that time, residence clubs have been enthusiastically embraced by affluent buyers at other premier resorts such as: Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Palm Springs, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe, California; Tucker’s Town and Southampton, Bermuda; Los Cabos and Huatulco, Mexico. There are also residence clubs in Manhattan and Florence, Italy. Each of these residence clubs is owned and operated much like Island Sky Residence Club . The creator of the residence club concept is part of the Island Sky Residence Club development team.

What are the advantages of Residence Club ownership?

Residence clubs combine the benefits of vacation home ownership with the services of a luxury resort. The Island Sky Residence Club at St. John provides owners with generous and flexible vacation use, removes the worries and responsibilities typically associated with absentee ownership, and dramatically reduces the initial and ongoing financial burden.

As a 1/10th owner, how often can I vacation at my Residence Club?

As often as you wish, subject only to The Residence Club’s reservation policies.  Owners have the flexibility of reserving Planned Vacations well in advance and visiting on a space-available and short-notice basis.  Each year, owners may reserve 21 days of Planned Vacations in advance of the Club Year. This leaves significant occupancy for space available and short-notice vacations throughout the year. There is no limit on use. If some owners visit their Club residences less, others can visit more.

Will Residence Club owners always stay in the same residence?

Owners have equal access to all residences within their unit category.

Can owners reserve more than one residence during the same time period?

Yes. This is a unique and highly prized feature of residence club ownership. Because these owners are not restricted to a particular residence, they can reserve more than one residence at any given time if sufficient residences are available in their Residence Category. This is an ownership benefit allows you to host family reunions, large gatherings of friends, or corporate retreats.

Do owners have guest privileges?

Yes. Owners may invite guests to stay with them during any of their Residence Club vacations. They also may invite unaccompanied guests to enjoy any of their confirmed Residence Club vacations without a guest fee.

Can owners rent a portion of their vacation time?

Yes. Owners are able to rent any of their confirmed Club vacations through the Residence Club management company.

As a Residence Club owner, can I exchange lodging privileges with residence club owners in other parts of the world?

Yes. Island Sky Residence Club has been selected to participate in the prestigious Elite Alliance® exchange program ( ). Your complimentary Elite Alliance membership provides exchange privileges with owners at an impressive collection of residence clubs and luxury vacation homes in more than 120 coveted international destinations.

Do Residence Club owners pay a lodging charge when they stay at their club?

Yes. You and your unaccompanied guests pay a housekeeping fee to keep the Club residence clean and welcoming during each day of your vacation and to prepare it for the next arriving owner. In addition, the U.S. Virgin Islands government has a fee of $25 per unit per night to be paid at check-in.

Do owners pay annual fees?

Yes. The annual fees pay for the professional management and operation of all Club residences. Included in these annual fees are funds for staff salaries, supplies, maintenance, trash removal, legal/accounting, utilities, management fee, property taxes, master association fees, and reserves for scheduled maintenance and replacement of residential furnishings and appliances. Each owner’s annual fees are a fraction of the all-in annual costs associated with sole ownership of a luxury vacation home.

Who establishes the fees and controls the affairs of the Club?

An owner-elected Board of Directors establishes budgets and fees on an annual basis.

Can a Residence Club ownership be resold?

Yes. Like any other form of real estate, the owner’s deeded fractional real estate interest can be sold or transferred by the owner, or sold by our exclusive fractional real estate brokers Gilezan Global, brokered by eXp Realty, subject to the Residence Club legal documents.


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